Heart Diseases


When it comes to health, well-being, and fitness in general, the majority of the people tend to overlook the importance associated with blood pressure levels. High blood pressure or hypertension is a common condition, which poses serious health risks to one’s health.

There are several health complications and conditions associated with hypertension. Some of them include:

  • Heart attacks
  • Heart disease
  • Strokes
  • Stress
  • Renal failure
  • Poor circulation

Fortunately, hypertension can be reversed and avoidlm63edtc6y27edu82i92ed. However, you need to detect it early by checking its warning signs as soon as possible. Prehypertension is the main precursor to hypertension. You need to understand what this condition is, its dangers and risks that come with it. Moreover, you should know symptoms and signs. Understanding effective treatments is equally important.

What is prehypertension?

This is a condition when blood pressure levels are quite elevated than they should. In fact, it is the precursor to hypertension. This means that if this condition is left unaddressed and untreated, it will eventually lead to hypertension. For people suffering from this problem, their diastolic reading is within 80 mmHg to 89 mmHg and systolic reading will be between 120 mmHg to 139 mmHg.

Who are most at risk?

Prehypertension is a worrying health condition as it affects over 40% of adults that are aged 18 years and above. For instance, in the USA, it is estimated that about 60 million people are suffering from this condition. The sad news is that these numbers continue to increase at an alarming rate. Experts argue that prehypertension is related to growing older and aging. However, this is not the case for all the people. In some parts, aging is not considered the main reason. Thus, poor lifestyle choices lead to this condition.

Risks of prehypertension

You should note take prehypertension lightly. Rather, you should address it seriously. The following are some risks associated with this condition:

Increased risks of hypertension

This is an obvious risk of the condition if left untreated leads to hypertension. In the end, all health complications, which come with blood pressure affect the patient.

Cardiovascular disease

This is ankmn2e5dr5ted6y272u82other danger that is associated with hypertension that presents many other health risk factors. They include blocked arteries, diabetes, cholesterol levels, heart attacks, strokes, obesity, and more.

What are the primary causes?

The major causes of this condition are highly related to poor lifestyle choices. However, genetics are also known to play a part. The other causes include being overweight or obese. If you have lots of body fats or a large body mass, then you risk suffering from this problem.

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